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It's been longer than I like to admit to, the amount of time I've spent in some way either engineering, designing, merchandising or selling a wide range of consumer electronics and package goods.  It's been now over 25 years, and I mention this only for this one purpose; experience.


Today, there are so many claims that companies make.  This assertion comes from the reality that most purchase decisions today are made without having all the facts.  We also know that tearing down a brand or hard-earned reputation is 10 times easier than it was to create it.  So, for this reason alone it's critical to know that the company you select to provide critical products for marketing or operating infrastructure is well prepared for the task.  This is what we are relentlessly focused on at Transaction Holdings.


Since 2004, this company has produced and sold over $50M in products and services, many are fully customized to the specific design of our hundreds of valued clients.  These statistics and our growing list of satisfied customers set the stage for a banner 2015 and beyond, as we add exciting new product categories, all with one single mission: significant savings to our client's bottom line with zero sacrifice to quality and value.


I encourage you to contact us and see the many examples of what we have done for other companies and how easy and comprehensive our Asia and custom sourcing can be.  We are eager to add your company to the list of prominent clients at Transaction Holdings.  Our dedication to performance, quality and on-time delivery will always apply to both critical and routine projects, without exception.


Thanks for visiting,


Karl Kamb, Jr.

Managing Member and CEO