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Transaction Holdings LLC has numerous affiliate and partner companies that help us deliver the seamless, worry free services platform that your company can come to rely upon.  Each one has a unique market perspective and set of skills tailored to any business needs.  At Transaction Holdings, we build companies, brands, products and profits for our customers.  Let us show you too, just how we do it.

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Linking our clients to virtually any manufacturing enterprise in China, Taiwan, Korea, Malaysia and many other Asian countries.  Transaction Holdings China specializes in managing the entire overseas sourcing experience from product design, prototyping, mass production, QC, export, import and domestic logistics.  Our China operations can handle virtually any complex product manufacturing scenario.

Professional seating manufacturing made simple, and the lowest price.  NCC makes a wide range of metal base slot stools to our client's specifications or select from our over 20 different designs.  Nobody beats our prices, and we have unmatched quality and service regardless of price.

From beautiful handcrafted collectibles to custom manufactured jewelry, Artform Fine Collectibles has been a mainstay in the casino and promotional goods industry for providing the highest quality, luxury perceived gift and curios at the lowest possible costs.  Our design and manufacturing teams are dedicated to one simple task: "a gift worth giving, and keeping for a lifetime".

Ibling is Nevada's newest and most innovative souvenir products company.  Founded by recognized fashion and decor products designers Jodi Petri and Tonja Steele along with Transaction Holdings owner Karl Kamb, Ibling is now making some of the best quality and fastest selling souvenir items in the Las Vegas gift market.  From commemorative plates, themed trinket boxes, jewelry and other great souvenir products, count on Ibling to not only up your image, but build your profits as well.

The complexity of developing and managing the many facets of a licensed brand is a daunting task.  If your main business doesn't involve the merchandising of your brand, but your need is to set up a full line of products, sell them to diversified channels, and handle a multitude of fulfillment and direct sales requirements, then TBMS is the partner you need.

Recognized as the leading brand in handmade jeweled collectible trinket boxes, Objet d'Art has established itself as the ultimate intersection between old-world traditional craftsmanship and modern brand marketing.  Whether you pick from our huge catalog of in stock pieces or have a custom collectible commissioned for your company or event, Objet d'Art will provide an exceptional product with lasting rememberance all at a surprisingly low cost.  

Making fine porcelain and ceramics is a true artform, an at Magnifique, we have perfected the European tradititions of beautiful earthenware and combined it with the cost effective production skill of mainland China.  You'll find that our products rival the very best brands in quality at a cost to meet today's demanding marketplace.  

The Japanese have proven over centuries their ability to handcraft metal into a cultural artform.  At Forever, we too emmulate these core commitments to quality and style.  Whether for a casino or company promotion, or for your retail store, count on our expert designers and production professionals who make the image of fine jewelry last, Forever.

The Swiss are known from inception for making the best quality timepieces.  At Signum Suisse we combine the best traditions and skill of fine European watchmaking with the high-volume, lower cost advantages of Asia based manufacturing.  We have the designs and quality you want at a cost that is amazingly affordable.

Consumer goods manufacturing is complex and has many facets to insure a lasting and positive customer experience.  Our brand family concept: has been for 10 years making outstanding package good products from electronics, housewares, tools and decor for the retail, corporate and gaming promotion segments.  Count on concept: when you need quality consumer merchandise with attention  to detail and customer experience, all at a rock bottom price.

For over a century, the Edison-base (screw type design) incandescent lightbulb has been the longest running form of universally adopted forms of technology.  But now, that is all changing . . . and the development of super bright semiconductors called LEDs are transforming everything we do that requires illumination.  Our division, Superlight is manufacturing for the Japan and US markets high-tech, super efficient and low cost LED solutions for the consumer and commercial markets.


Today's retail and promotional goods environment revolves around flexible sourcing, and the major growing segment is the area of distressed, end-of-life and liquidated inventories.  Our partner company, Handshake Deals is a leading source and remediator of surplus inventories, and is an industry expert on the valuation and disposal of excess stocks.  Our core competency in marketing and promotional goods for the hospitality and gaming industries centers on our ability to source with quick turnaround domestic merchandise which saves ours clients time, and money.  

Today, design is everything.  "Generic" is gone, and now consumers demand a brand image, regardless of price.  That's why we are so proud of our exclusive affiliation with Working Girls Design, a leading firm in the licensing of design on thousands of products found in national retail companies such as Stein Mart, Kohls, Harrods and much much more.  Managing Partners and Jodi Petri and Tonja Steel have a unique sense of style realtive to home decor and collectibles and truely enhance our ability to develop continuity and brand management merchandise programs.  


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The Country Trader is a full-service gaming enterprise supply company.  With a 20 year history of retail and wholesale sales, and our extensive manufacturing experience, we are uniquely positioned to service our tribal business-partners at the level to which they have become accustomed.  In an environment where we must deliver value, quality, and reasonable prices, we are challenged daily to meet or exceed our lofty goals.  We continue to cherish our history of living and working on the San Pasqual Indian Reservation, in Valley Center, California, and diligently remember our commitments to share the native culture of our Kumeyaay heritage, and to work to further improve the lives of The People.

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